09 July 2007

On The Needles

I was warned about the addictive properties of a certain fiber art. I've seen friends fall prey to the wicked obsession but did it stop me? Nope. I already spend way too much time searching for, mapping, and shopping in yarn shops. I already stay awake for "just one more row" and its never just one more row.

So, I'm knitting. And I love it. I luuuuuuvvvve it. The outcome is so much softer than anything crocheted. I use less yarn on knit projects. And the pattern..ooohhh the patterns. I'm sure that I'll pass up the time when Sophia sleeps (and I used to eat) to read blogs and surf for new patterns.

The picture above is of the Boatneck Sweater that I'm working on from Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss. (I heart her.) Below is the photo from the book. I can't wait until mine looks like that (although I have to say Sophia is much cuter than the model babe!) Thus far I have both the front and back panels complete. I started the first sleeve, but am dissatisfied with how it is coming along. I'm new at increases and although they're not difficult my edges aren't pretty enough for my liking.

The book is great. I love the simple, understandable language. Who knew beginner patterns could be so great?! Want to see what knitty goodness lies between the covers?

Dishalicious Swap (Round 3). I knit one dishcloth and crocheted the other. Wrapped up in Burt's Bees love. The knit dishcloth took me two days. Partially because my life revolves around nap times, nursing and diaper changes and partially because I made the pattern up myself. Hehe. Its sort of like a basket weave. It was really hard for me to part with.

The crocheted dishcloth was completed in an hour. An hour! That's insane! Too bad all the crochet patterns are shit! I used the Lemon Peel pattern from 200 Crocheted Blocks by Jan Eaton. The pattern is very simple (1 sc, 1dc * repeat to end; then dc in ever sc and sc in every dc). It makes a really nice pattern that is especially great for kitchen dishcloths. The dishclothes and the Boatneck sweater were worked in Cotton East by LionBrand. Don't let the name fool you: its 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. I love the colors available and the price is nice...but I've been having problems with the skeins. They come unraveled (!!!) and each one that I've used has been tangled (and in some cases knotted) in the center.

happy crafting.


Katie said...

hey!!! we were off for a few days of traveling ~~ when I got back and saw this post, I was so excited!! Excited for you, soph, and me because now the knitting will never end! Hope you both are doing well*

Amanda said...

Welcome to the addictive world of knitting...The baby sweater is too cute! Looking at your sweater and washcloth I noticed one tiny thing...you are twisting either your knit or purl stitches. If you look very carefully you will notice on every other row the stitches form a nice V shape. On the twisted rows the V shape is a little wonky. I noticed this (and would guess it is happening on your knit rows) because it is the same mistake I made for about a year. I proudly was showing off my knitting to my MIL and she pointed my mistake out to me. Check out knittinghelp.com and there are some great videos that might help you out.

Happy knitting!

Calder said...

Yo Nikki!

I see that you have turned to the dark side... knitting. Actually, though I respect both sports, I don't really know the difference. Hee hee.

Miss ya'!