18 November 2008

End of the Year Organizing

Well, folks.....the time is here....if you have been carefully following the Veghead Designs blog you've already realized that I have little time for careful and creative documentation of my works in this space. So, in the spirit of reorganization and minimizing life's stresses I'm moving all of my posts over to The Schwartz Family Files.

There are lots more happy baby pictures there anyway...

15 May 2008

Help My Identify This Yarn

I beg you...

Wool like
Most was wound from cones
No labels/tags/or other identifying information

06 May 2008

Yum! Opening Weekend!

This weekend is a very important one.
10 May is Soph's 1st birthday AND the opening day of the Phoenixville Farmers Market.

Come visit us at the Market! this summer.
(ignore the errors in my little paragraph....its a new website and requires a bit of editing)

20 April 2008

My Lil' Minnow

Sugar n' Spice
Minnowknits, #193 QK
Needles: 5 and 6
Yarn: Lion Brand, Cotton Ease
Color: Um...yellow and light blue??

This is probably the closest I've come the actually sticking to a pattern. I mean...I even swatched it! Don't tell the Renegade Knitters!

I was visiting a friend in Kennett Square and had some time to spare so I visited the LYS, The Wool Gathering, on the main street. They had a completed version of this knit hanging in the store and after actually trying it on Soph and having her model it around the store, I bought all I needed to make her one (well...actually two).
I read and reread the instructions and was sure that I could pull it off. I was a bit chicken though. I'm still a new knitter and shaping for the back, neck and arms seemed a bit daunting (despite the very clear language in the instructions and my copies of Learn to Knit Visually AND Knitting for Dummies only an arms reach away.) It wasn't until Kate commented on the Baby Fern square that I knit up that I actually gathered the courage to give it a try.
Thanks Kate!

I substitued the Cotton Ease for the
Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria that I actually bought at the store because I didn't want to knit and then frog something several times in "good" yarn. So, I pulled out some stash (which I continually SWEAR that I'm going to use instead of buying yarn...uh..huh...sure...why do we kid ourselves?)

I also modified the sleeves. The pattern includes ruffled sleeves but I was concerned that the addition would make the sweater too warm to wear this summer. The Manos Cotton Stria has more give and is...well, more airy (is that a word??). There is more breath (does that make sense?). Instead of the ruffle I double crocheted around the top and then single crocheted under the arm to reduce unnecessary (and potentially annoying) bulk.

Round two will have to be knit a size larger. Well, maybe the Manos will knit differently....in any case, Soph wouldn't fit into this one for very long. I think I'll gift it. I highly recommend the pattern. Very nice...and super fast.

Oh...and I learned to use a three needle bind off. Easy and "all get out" but man it sure does sound impressive!

04 March 2008

Faggot Lace Scarf

Faggot Lace Scarf
Faggot Lace pattern in Knitting for Dummies
Needles: 10 1/2
Yarn: Mission Falls 1925
Color: 207: Chili

Great shot but the color is distorted. The two below are more accurate depictions of the color. Damn camera!

25 February 2008

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny
Hook: E
Yarn: Color Grown Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Alpaca
Color: 83

There is snow on the ground and I'd prefer to see the beautiful green grass (even if it means having to pay someone to mow it). I am a spring girl. Love the warmer weather. Funny Bunny was born out of my yearning for some dandelions . The patter, inspired by Lion Brand's Crochet Puppy pattern, was heavily modified and transformed into another species.

After finishing the bunny I decided he looked a bit cold. I could have been the 29 degree weather that day coupled with the draft I was feeling through the windows at the Country Manor. I considered knitting him a sweater but settled on a scarf. (I love scarfs!) There are also come carrots waiting to be photographed and uploaded. Maybe Sophia will nap today....lol
I'm working on a brother for Funny Bunny so I can share the pattern for him. His legs are a bit longer (because younger siblings in my family are always taller than the oldest!).

16 February 2008

Treats for My Sweets

A friend (*cough*Kate*cough*) suggested that because there are now two adults living at The Country Manor, that I should have the time to post more often. Well.....truth be told: the more people...the more work!
I have, however, managed to knit a baby sweater in 8 days. A personal record. I was so excited that she wore it to the movies and coffee shop today before I even completed the final blocking touches to it.
The yarn I used was Lion Brand Nature's Organic Cotton. I have a lot of great things to say about it (organic, buttery soft, great loft, very warm, easy knit, great price, beautiful colors) and I'm sure I'll use it again. It was my mother's holiday gift to me (via gift card). The only critique I have is that the yarn breaks easily. It is very soft and if tugged it breaks off. This is only an issue when it is on the skein as it had quite a bit of bulk and strength when knit. I was knitting a purely garter stitch sweater, which provided additional strength. Overall I'm pleased.
The pattern, Squares and Rectangles Cardigan, is from Itty Bitty Nursery by Susan Anderson. It was well written and easy to follow. I prefer her patterns to those of Debbie Bliss, whose patterns, in my opinion, omit important details for beginners.
I love, love, love the finished product and have plans on making a few for the babies about to bloom from a few friends bellies. Great project!