20 April 2008

My Lil' Minnow

Sugar n' Spice
Minnowknits, #193 QK
Needles: 5 and 6
Yarn: Lion Brand, Cotton Ease
Color: Um...yellow and light blue??

This is probably the closest I've come the actually sticking to a pattern. I mean...I even swatched it! Don't tell the Renegade Knitters!

I was visiting a friend in Kennett Square and had some time to spare so I visited the LYS, The Wool Gathering, on the main street. They had a completed version of this knit hanging in the store and after actually trying it on Soph and having her model it around the store, I bought all I needed to make her one (well...actually two).
I read and reread the instructions and was sure that I could pull it off. I was a bit chicken though. I'm still a new knitter and shaping for the back, neck and arms seemed a bit daunting (despite the very clear language in the instructions and my copies of Learn to Knit Visually AND Knitting for Dummies only an arms reach away.) It wasn't until Kate commented on the Baby Fern square that I knit up that I actually gathered the courage to give it a try.
Thanks Kate!

I substitued the Cotton Ease for the
Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria that I actually bought at the store because I didn't want to knit and then frog something several times in "good" yarn. So, I pulled out some stash (which I continually SWEAR that I'm going to use instead of buying yarn...uh..huh...sure...why do we kid ourselves?)

I also modified the sleeves. The pattern includes ruffled sleeves but I was concerned that the addition would make the sweater too warm to wear this summer. The Manos Cotton Stria has more give and is...well, more airy (is that a word??). There is more breath (does that make sense?). Instead of the ruffle I double crocheted around the top and then single crocheted under the arm to reduce unnecessary (and potentially annoying) bulk.

Round two will have to be knit a size larger. Well, maybe the Manos will knit differently....in any case, Soph wouldn't fit into this one for very long. I think I'll gift it. I highly recommend the pattern. Very nice...and super fast.

Oh...and I learned to use a three needle bind off. Easy and "all get out" but man it sure does sound impressive!


Amy Mae said...

Well that was fast! I'm impressed - weren't you just here a week or so ago? Now you make me want to finish one of the millions of projects I have going!

Katie said...

ooooooohhhh.yeeeeeeeehaw! this is me squealing with delight, and then feeling bummed that we can't get together on a regular basis for knitting. this is such a perfect sweater, and glad to hear that you're continually adding new skills! there's so much to learn - I just figured something out this week and it was quite a revelation. more details coming soon...

at least we have blogging:-)

mames said...

absolutely super cute, the knit and the soph. i love it and might try it without trimmings to adapt it tp the boys. ooooh, summer tank top knitting. you did a great job.

the Lady said...

cute, cute, cute.