18 February 2007

on the advice of my counterpart

i've moved...and this shall be my new home forever more. i hear that the functions built into blogger are ideal for the needs of a new blogger. so, i'll unpack and make it prettier as time (and my learning curve) allows.

i'm having a hard time posting pics here. i find this strange, considering i learned how to do it elsewhere...and there is a little picture/image icon that, in theory, should make posting the picture easier...right?!? anyway, i wanted to post my rant about crappy swap packages, but that's going to have to wait.

so, i leave you wanting more...


Katie Schu said...

welcome!! i'm so excited to have another stop when i'm looking for inspiration. i'm off now to make some vegetable soup (what a coincidence!) and homemade bread.

Anonymous said...

more! we want more ;-) let me know if you need help with the pictures!