20 February 2007


So, I believe I figured out all the image issues and I'll post about my Swapping Woes today (despite knowing that Kate has already heard plenty about this subject...and read the one other posting related to my issue). So....I'm a junky. Yes, an artsy, crafty junky. Even since my husband's deployment I fired up a hot and heavy affair with my crochet hooks, sewing machine and maybe even the lovely lady that runs my local yarn shop (why, yes, Lil is a bit old for me...but why stop at 45 when you can go AARP eligible?). So, my week generally consists of a few days of design and crafting genius, the reading of several wonderful blogs, planning out my very specific protein heavy pregnant vegetarian diet, growing a Pea in my pod, and two days of legitimate work in the real world. I know that I am lucky and that many people would cut off appendages just to have this very life...but I tell you it can be tough (alright..maybe not, but when it snows out here I get stuck in the house and I can't get to the fabric store...does that count?)

Moving right along: I have taken up SWAPPING... I absolutely love the idea. You pick a swap with an interesting theme and craft up some pretty-pretty arts/crafts....carefully package them away in a nice box and ship them to an assigned parter that has been doing the same thing for you. Now, you're supposed to have contact with that person and agree to certain simple guidelines so that you're both happy with the items swapped. Oh, yeah, here comes the crap. My very first swap was with a crocheter. We were assigned to design and swap two-three dish clothes, dish towels or pot holder. I was excited! I searched for nice, (trendy) patterns. I crocheted and felted two really awesome potholders (which, I of course didn't photograph because I was sure it wasn't necessary). I mailed them out early and enclosed a nice note....one week later I get these:

A red and green double crocheted block of Holiday Blah, and this great fairy dress thingy

George laughed at me. He really found this funny. I don't mean he chuckled in that endearing sort of "I hear you" way...it was a "you dumbass" sort of laugh. So, I shoved the two dishcloths in the bucket that I use to mop the kitchen floor and announced that I would never do that again....

Until one month ago when I saw the Lotus Swap listed on Crafter. I love the lotus flower and read some of the replies from those interested in participants. They all looked fairly normal. Of course their profiles didn't look to be of the same type of person that would craft the above dishcloths....so, after about 48 hours of pondering I was in!

I read and reread the expectations...carefully filled out and sent my questionnaire and patiently waited for a partner assignment. She came my way and we sent various private messages. We agreed to 4-5 total items (1 large item, a medium and a few small items). So, I was off......I crafted a project bag for her. I made one as a gift and it went over well...so, if it's not broken don't fix it. I also made a pin cushion, 20 lotus themed note cards, a painted trinket box, and I crocheted three dish clothes with lotus flowers in them.

Again, I waited patiently to get my box SURE that this would be worth it and attributed my swap "issue" with the art of crocheting ("well...it is an old craft...and the patterns aren't that great"). The post man delivered the package and I tore it up to find the following:

A crocheted scarf (the damn end wasn't even woven in!), a Lotus Notebook, a wood burned trinket box (still wearing the original pencil marks and erased outline), 3 hand drawn (pen and crayon) note cards and "ribbon lotuses"


I...uh...was disappointed.

You know what is even more sad? I have already paged through the Organized Swap forum on Craftster again! WTF?

***note to the Anonymous that posted a comment on my last entry...uh...who are you? why are you Anonymous (I don't bite, usually)? and how could i let you know if i have further problems with my picture posting if you're Anonymous??...and "thank you for your comment :)" *****

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Auntie Amanda said...

If you are still up for a Craftster swap I would love to do one with you! I have been involved with one swap on Craftster and was flaked on. I was also flaked on in another swap I was in (she claimed the post lost the package- but that was the end of it!) So, third time should be the charm, right?!
My username is 'Awynkoop' on Craftster.