18 March 2007

Cold Blocking in the Winter Weather

So, after a few days of spring weather it is back down into the 30's here. Despite being a bit restricted by my current condition (prego) I still love to get snowed in. Now, don't get me wrong, it would be much more fun if there were people here at the house to play with or outdoor sports to participate in, but I love it none the less.Here is the Auction Afghan update. 30 blocks complete! RAWR! I started cold blocking some of them so I don't have to do all of them at the same time. This way I can crochet a few and then block them into place between loads of laundry. It's actually coming along quite fabulously, if I do say so. I also worked out a schedule of my free time and committed to working on several bags for the Art Star show that Kate and I are looking forward to. I'm working on a few project bags/totes, but really wanted to use up some scraps. So I made thinner totes that seem perfect for carrying papers and folders. The handles still need a little work, but I was anxious to post again.
I'm also making Spring Eggs from my mother's super-sneaky secret recipe. I'm soooo excited because my family always scarfs them down before I get any around this time of year. So, peanut butter, butter cream and coconut cream Spring Eggs are in the works. Want some?
There are several peeps that are already on the list to receive them. YYUUUMM!

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Katie said...

ooh! great crafts and pics! i like the rivets used on the bags. i keep thinking that it'd be fun to put a little leather handle on the cosmetic bags with rivets for the holes. now, about those eggs... i'll start running now so that there's not guilt when i start sampling ;-)