24 March 2007

Ready to be Dipped...

I was reminded by Kate's posting that regular updates are a good thing.

I'm still working on the afghan for the benefit auction. I'm happy to say that all of the blocks have been completed. There are only 6 left to cold block. I spent most of the day today weaving in all of the ends. This is the first afghan that I've constructed from blocks, so I'm a bit nervous about connecting them. I realized after I completed all the blocks and laid them out on the living room floor that they are made entirely of the colors of M&M's! Is this some subliminal message that the universe was sending me or just some crazy underlying pregnancy desire? Who knows.

In addition to the afghan I also filled my refrigerator with Spring Eggs. Peanut butter, coconut cream and buttercreamy goodness. The journey wasn't without drama though. I dropped a measuring cup full of confectioners sugar into the mixer and it rained white powder for a few minutes. It looked like a scene from Blow.
Ready to be dipped and shipped!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Katie said...

woohoo!! I can't believe you're done with the afghan. I have to get moving on auction crafting. yikes. In other crafting news - I forgot to post this, but I found out that they now make shrinky dink paper that you can run through an ink jet printer. How are we going to use this crafting find?!? how?