06 March 2007

Progress..ooh that feels good!

I was visiting my father-in-law this weekend and had some time to work on a few blocks for the auction. Here is one of the burnt orange blocks. I like the bobble stitch in it. The plan is to piece together 9 squares per block...making the arrows outline a central square (with a different designs that I haven't really settled on yet...).
I recalculated how many blocks I need (9 blocks per square...9 squares total) and realized that I now need a total of 89 blocks. They're taking me just shy of an hour a piece! I have 12 complete and have 77 to go...

Will I have enough time to do it?

And finally...here is some great fabric that I scored today.They were all on sale (I'm a sucker for a sale) and will be used to make project bags and things for the Art Star show.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on it. I really had to hide it from myself when I got home from the store. I HAVE to work on the blocks first. So, now I'm making the following deals with myself "Nik, if you make just 3 blocks tonight you can wash the new fabric.." I think I may need an intervention!

Oh well, if I'm too busy to get sidetracked then I won't be tempted to sign up for another swap!

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Katie said...

hahaha, you found the silver lining of being too busy to swap! i love the fabric, can't wait to see the final products. i talked to jeff - another "valley crafter" tonight and he's excited to work on a couple items for the table.