30 April 2007

Latest Projects

I've been neglecting the wonder that is this blog. There were some slow crafting days and then there was that week that I worked on tote bags to sell. These bags were exciting to me, but I'm sure they would have made a boring post.

Today I was feeling extra crafty and I decided to start my morning off in the kitchen. I found a recipe for Tofu Pot Pie and a great vegan gravy that I was dying to try out. I'm still working on stocking the freezer with yummy, healthy foods that can easily be thawed when I'm too tired or busy to make something from scratch. (I think that may have been my first Mom-like change). Here are pics...oooh.Before the top crust was put on and the wonders of baking occurred. I was picking out the crunchy tofu anyway.
OOhlala. Finished product. I was going to wait until dinner to have some....but couldn't help myself. It was really (!!) good.

After I cleaned up the kitchen (which is a bit of a chore considering that my belly is too big to allow me to properly reach the sink!!) I finished up a stoller blanket. It's for Sheva, my newest crafting swap partner. We're linked up in a baby swap. This one will be a lovely experience because we both have matching skills and tastes. I'm really excited! This is the first of the things that I've made for her munchkins (6 mo and 11 y/o). There are a few babies being born this summer and fall and I'm thinking about making a few of these stoller blankets as gifts. This was the first try and I don't really have a pattern. The ones that I really liked on etsy weren't quilted, but I wanted to make something really special for Sheva (and it was great quilting practice). I'm pleased with the outcome and have already started coming up with other ideas!

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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Katie said...

Such a great day of crafting! The tofu potpie looked AMAZING. I was thoroughly impressed, and then I was the stroller quilt and was blown away but the fun and creativity that must have filled your day. See you very soon!