13 April 2007

Posting in Pictures

This is what I've been up to:

Making and hanging flags on the mantle. Mom has been working with my friend to plan the baby shower. They both had a really hard time understanding my request for NO disposable decorations. (I <3 the earth). So, because they finally gave in, I made some decorations that can be used and reused. Aren't the lovely?

Working on the finishing touches for the Auction Afghan. It isn't as terrible as I originally thought...but it still isn't what I had in mind.

Kate's felted camera case inspired these puppies. The all green one is an I-pod cozy and the one with the blue flap is a camera case. They were both for the "Loved One in the Military" swap that I participated in. (uh...yeah....another swap...i'm a glutton for punishment!)

And this is the package that I sent to my swap partner. His and Her's Whisky Tango Foxtrot t-shirts, two quilted hot pads (in a patriotic theme), the ipod cozy for him (in a lovely Army green color) and a felted camera case for her.....and then i threw in some note cards for shits and giggles...

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

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