22 May 2007

Swap Addiction: Baby Swap

This time will be different..I swear....

I sent out this package to my wonderfully talented swap partner, Sheva. She and her munchkins report receiving it and enjoying the contents. I absolutely LOVED crafting for the family. She gave me such great leads on what the kids would like. I had a blast coming up with new items.Sorry about the quality of the picture. The package included: an art kit with a zippered pouch for easy travel; a pull string pouch to keep pencils, protractors and fun lil' bits in; charcoal pencils and a watercolor tablet to produce works of art; and a small frame and easel to show them off. I also made him a felted game boy case for his very favorite piece of electronic equipment.

For the babe I crocheted a super soft, cotton bath cloth, and quilted a stoller blanket that was in the earlier post. I love those little ducky soaps when I saw them and just had to throw them in for more bathtime fun.

I'm so glad to hear that the package was well received. This was by far my favorite swap (and thus far the most successful!). I'll update when I receive what works of art Sheva sends.

Oh...and here is a baby pic just for fun :)

I LOVE the little elephant pants that Kate picked out the other day! They are SOOOOO adorable.

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Katie said...

i have a feeling that your swap karma is moving in a positive direction:-D