02 June 2007

Back in the Swing of Things

The more experience I gain as a new parent the better I am becoming at fitting my art into my days. I feel like I'm becoming better equipped to anticipate Soph's needs and better at planning out our days. I can't imagine life without her. We're turning out to be quite the team!

Today Sophia and I packed up and headed to the Phoenixville Farmer's Market to talk to the manager. On the second Saturday of the month they feature local artists and I inquired about the application process a few weeks ago. The manager and I set up a time to meet at the market to review some of my pieces. Because the mission of the market is to build community in the area, to provide locally grown and produced goods, and to support the local farms I decided to take along some of the new recycled clothes that I have been making in addition to the bags and such. I put together a selection of skirts (and the dress I made Soph) as well as some project bags (which double as GREAT market bags) and a few felted items. The manager really liked what she saw and will be in touch with more info on setting up shop.

ROCK ON! This doesn't really wipe away all memories of rejection...but it sure does make it sting a little less.

Here are some pics of the skirts that I've been working on.

I did make one more but it was a gift for the fabulous Deputy Doula. I saw the vintage pillowcase at the Goodwill and immediately though of her. I had to buy and make it. I didn't, however, take any pictures of it before excitedly giving it to her...so we'll have to beg that she model it and post pictures on her blog.

please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE....

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Katie said...

ooh, i see it now ~ modeling the skirt in the garden or among the peonies... a picture's coming!