17 September 2007

Time Off

There have been little crafty bits going on here and there...but for the most part I have had to take some time away from the hooks, needles and fabrics to pay special attention to resting, healing and raising the most vibrant + alert 4 month old.

This picture was taken in the Mushroom Capital of the world ( I have not done extensive research on this fact...but my friend Amy says its true...and she aint no stinkin' liar!). There is a very special prize for the first person who guesses where that may be....Leave it in the comments and I'll send you a very special prize!!

They were auctioning off these large cement mushrooms that had been decorated by local artists. I really liked the idea of having a huge cement mushroom in my front yard (cause the neighbors talk about me enough already!) but was disappointed to find out that the starting bit was $150 and by the time I got to the paper they were up over $300. YIKES!

See you soon.


Amy Mae said...

I know I know!!!! Do I get the special prize?!?!?

Katie said...

ooh! i think it's kimberton... (no, that's where you live) shoot. i know it's somewhere down there. maybe it's a two-word city....hmmmm you have me thinking!

Katie said...

kennet square! it doesn't take me all day.

i bet you could make yourself some kick ass cement fungus for the front yard.