23 September 2007

And the Weiners Are....

Kate: You were the only non-Kennett Square resident to answer correctly
Amy: You were technically the first to answer.

Your prizes:
*Mushroom notecards *
*A Java Jacket* (my two coffee crazed buds!)
*Yummy Burts Bees Soaps*

PS. This is why I think Soph may be teething...

Yes, she is laying on the living room floor gnawing on the leg of the coffee table.
Why needs dogs when you have an infant?


Katie said...

woohoo!!! this is my first win in the blog circuit. i'm putting a pot of coffee on now. and let it be said again, soph is the cutest!! ps. what's her head circumference?

Katie said...

I came back to this post tonight just to see Soph's crazy baby pose.