31 October 2007

We're All About Homemade Holidays

Spending all of my free time working on homemade holiday gifts for family, friends and some important people that have kept George safe this year. The theme seems to be scarfs. I had some fabulous Ironstone brand wool in my stash and have been working up a few Scarf Askew from Magknits.

I also scored some camel hair woven fabric at a local thrift store. It has a simplicity that makes it almost handsome. I thought it was perfect for a quilted scarf. I got three out of the piece and am now wishing it were twice as big. I guess I'll have to go shopping....

1 comment:

Katie said...

ooh, they both look so lovely and soft to the touch... speaking of lovely and soft ~ where's our little lady soph in her halloween costume?!