03 January 2008

Baked Goodness

Deeeeeelicious breads baked in pint sized jars. I came across the idea while catching up on some of my blog reading and couldn't get them out of my mind until I tried it.

I needed a small Thank You gift for a soldier that is working with Geo and I used it as an excuse to try it out. I made Cranberry Almond and Lemon Poppyseed breads. I read in several places that quick breads work the best so I skipped my first choice, Death By Chocolate.

I used 1 pint jars although I also bought the 1/2 pint jars because they were so adorable. The pint sized jars were perfect. One cup of batter per jar and they baked up perfectly. I put the lids on immediately after they came out of the oven and in a few minutes I heard the *pink* of safely sealed jar cakes.

I had some sticker paper tucked away in the loft and dug it out to label the jars. After they baked and cooled I made a basic design in Word and printed them out. I love the colors. They match the color of the breads well. I tied the lids with some rafia and voila!

These are great. I'm addicted. I read several places about brownies in the jars. I'm not a huge brownie fan but I'm thinking MUFFINS! Ooooohhhh and cornbread. Yes! Cornbread! I think I'll try the 1/2 pint ones for an upcoming bake sale.


kate said...

ooh!! they look great! i love the labels. i have another idea - you could pair dry chili mix with the cornbread for a full meal!

here in tahoe we just got our power back after 48 hours of candles and making up games to play in the dark. much fun was had by all :) see you and soph very soon!!*

sarah said...

you're so crafty :)
I really like the labels.
ps. you & soph are HAWT