09 January 2008

No Stinkin' Potatoes in My Pirogies!

Just a few pictures of what very well may qualify as the most delicious things to have crossed my lips during my 28th year of life...

I had a craving for Farmer's Cheese Pirogies. If you've never experienced them you don't know what you're missing. Frankly, I think that potatoes ruin pirogies. Yuck! Cheese ones, however, are to die for! They are a food of my childhood that comforts me as an adult. Yum!

After searching high and low for some in my hometown I hung my head in submission .......only to have my frown turned upside down by A Schu. Of course she had a recipe! Why hadn't I thought of the vast Schu Library?

We made around 3 dozen while visiting at the end of 2007. I thought I had enough to bring home and freeze but they were gobbled up by the stroke of midnight.
So when I return home I made more. This time they were enjoyed with the two best accompaniments: homemade apple butter and a frosty beer.

Life can be so good sometimes!

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Annie said...


Apple butter??????
Only sour cream for this Russian. Next time we need to make sweet cabbage...