25 February 2008

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny
Hook: E
Yarn: Color Grown Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Alpaca
Color: 83

There is snow on the ground and I'd prefer to see the beautiful green grass (even if it means having to pay someone to mow it). I am a spring girl. Love the warmer weather. Funny Bunny was born out of my yearning for some dandelions . The patter, inspired by Lion Brand's Crochet Puppy pattern, was heavily modified and transformed into another species.

After finishing the bunny I decided he looked a bit cold. I could have been the 29 degree weather that day coupled with the draft I was feeling through the windows at the Country Manor. I considered knitting him a sweater but settled on a scarf. (I love scarfs!) There are also come carrots waiting to be photographed and uploaded. Maybe Sophia will nap today....lol
I'm working on a brother for Funny Bunny so I can share the pattern for him. His legs are a bit longer (because younger siblings in my family are always taller than the oldest!).


Katie said...

ha! that's great:-)

Anonymous said...

Great bunny...lovvvve the tail!

Matt said...

I'm the tallest so that must be me then huh? [:

Anonymous said...

that is so cute!