16 February 2008

Treats for My Sweets

A friend (*cough*Kate*cough*) suggested that because there are now two adults living at The Country Manor, that I should have the time to post more often. Well.....truth be told: the more people...the more work!
I have, however, managed to knit a baby sweater in 8 days. A personal record. I was so excited that she wore it to the movies and coffee shop today before I even completed the final blocking touches to it.
The yarn I used was Lion Brand Nature's Organic Cotton. I have a lot of great things to say about it (organic, buttery soft, great loft, very warm, easy knit, great price, beautiful colors) and I'm sure I'll use it again. It was my mother's holiday gift to me (via gift card). The only critique I have is that the yarn breaks easily. It is very soft and if tugged it breaks off. This is only an issue when it is on the skein as it had quite a bit of bulk and strength when knit. I was knitting a purely garter stitch sweater, which provided additional strength. Overall I'm pleased.
The pattern, Squares and Rectangles Cardigan, is from Itty Bitty Nursery by Susan Anderson. It was well written and easy to follow. I prefer her patterns to those of Debbie Bliss, whose patterns, in my opinion, omit important details for beginners.
I love, love, love the finished product and have plans on making a few for the babies about to bloom from a few friends bellies. Great project!


mames said...

she is growing so....hard to believe sometimes. i have to add you to my bloglines, just found you again via winter foliage. i love the sweater and have quite few skeins in my stash. maybe a new project for one of my boys....hmm...

Katie said...

the sweater is great! i'm so happy you're a knitter:-)