26 March 2007


All the blocks have been cold blocked. I laid them all out on a quilt that I was using for size comparison (I have two of them and thought that they'd be the perfect size for a couch afghan). I started around 6:00pm. There are four ways to connect squares: 1) single crochet them together. This leaves what is described as a "nice ridge" between the blocks, 2) slip stitch them together. Which leaves a smaller ridge, 3) back stitch them. This allows the blocks to remain flat, but gives a "decorative touch" and 4) whip stitch.

So, I started with 1) and worked my way through the whole lot. First the "nice ridge" looked more like something from a kindergarten art project (my husband's favorite way to describe shitty crafts)...number 2) wasn't any better, 3) looked great if you were going to only look at the back of the afghan during your favorite television show. I settled on whip stitching them together. I'm still not really sure I dig it...it's certainly not what I had in mind when designing the afghan. But it just may have to make due.

This is actually the top third of the afghan. Something possessed me to stand over it the wrong way only to confuse you...

Not to get all philosophical, but I was thinking that maybe this is another lesson from the universe. Sometimes we think that we can control the outcomes of everything. Well, at least I do. I have an "interesting" personality. On one hand, I leave many things up to the universe. I don't generally plan out details for things that other people generally do (ie. trips to visit the family, what do do on the weekend, and what labor and delivery will be like)...but on the other hand there are things that I think I control every detail of (ie. research, professional responsibilities, and my arts and crafts). Maybe the world is telling my to GIVE IT UP, NICOLE! I know there there are going to be plenty of things that I have absolutely NO control over...and they're due on the market in about...well...6 weeks. So maybe I should get used to just rolling with the punches and going with the flow (wow...two cliches in one sentence!)

So, here is the outcome of the whip stitch. Let me know what you think.

The completed afghan should be posted by the end of the week....and then I can move on to other projects that I have in mind.

This pic was taken from the correct angle...the orange squares shown are the top, right hand side of the afghan.

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Katie said...

Well, we can say that no matter what the afghan is going to be beautiful and warm. Seriously, since it's art, you're free to do what you please. Although, in my humble opinion, I think the yellow may highlight every detail of the seams. One suggestion - for each four block "section" you may want to seam with the yarn that is the color of the three solid blocks, and then when you're seaming two solid blocks together, just pick one of the two colors. In the end, take this advice with a grain of salt because - I HATE seaming. I try to avoid it at all costs. Three needle bind-offs and knitting in the round are what it's all about.