11 February 2008

Yes, I'm still craftin'

Pattern: Boatneck Sweater
Designer: Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton
Modifications: Didn't buy enough yarn...duh...so I modified the sleeves. They're 3/4 length.
Notes: Too biiiiig...

Pattern: Crochet Puppy
Designer: Lion Brand Website
Yarn: Wool Ease
Modifications: None
Notes: Very quick project. Pleased with the outcome. Next time I'll use a much smaller hook. The stitches were tight until I stuffed the pup. I've also considered felting the body before stuffing it. (I just need a top loading washer...)

Sophia really likes him. They have been playing together since his birth.

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Katie said...

woohoo! nice sweater:-)